In recent time the users of Google chrome have gone pretty fewer in their usage count. It’s hard to predict the exact downfall in the users count but one thing is for sure that Apple is now a brand creating its exceptional identity among its users.

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Apple has developed its own interface and delivering its own operating system to its all time users. This browser is popularly known as Apple Safari, even majority of Chrome users have switched towards such browsers in less duration of time. If you have planned to move from Google chrome version to safari version then it’s necessary to follow some simple steps for its transfer.

Transfer Bookmarks from Safari to Chrome

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To Transfer Bookmarks from Safari to Chrome you need to follow these basic given instructions:

1)    Exports the bookmarks from your system browser such as chrome, Firefox and internet explorer through the respective features of that particular browser. If you are a chrome user then you need to locate for the instructions which denote the process on how to transfer bookmarks from chrome or other search engines.

  • First you need to trace the position of bookmark manager; suddenly the option of Organize would appear on screen. Simply glance at the bottom column of long menu option. The option of export bookmark to HTML file would appear, just click on that option and if possible rename it for an easy identification after completion of its transfer process.

Transfer Bookmarks from Safari to Chrome

2)    Open the Apple safari browser in your computer or other device. Simply move on to the top corner of file. Click the file option and select the option of import bookmark. Make a thorough check to the name with which you have saved your bookmarks and make a click to the option of import bookmarks. All the files would immediately get transferred.

3)    Final step involves to locating the bookmarks imported to Apple safari and selecting an appropriate place for setting its location. In the bookmark menu, you get an option of add bookmark where you may simply add as many bookmarks as possible just by pressing Ctrl+D.

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These were the most easily approachable steps that you may use to Transfer Bookmarks from Safari to Chrome. The bookmarks could be in any sort of category related to any web link, passwords, site name, social networking pages and much more. Safari is known for its speed that it delivers ultimately for a fine surfing experience to its users all the time. So if you haven’t used it before simply move forward and experience the difference of its superiority in comparison to other search engines.