Google, the most popular search engine used by millions of people worldwide is not just the popular search engines, but it is popular due to its innovative thoughts. It has always shown extra care towards the advertisers and users, and this is the reason why Google is always loved by all. Google has established himself in the forms of many gadgets and many tricks. Out of them one trick is the Google Zero Gravity. Here, I will be showing you 10 Google Zero Gravity Tips and Tricks which you know and don’t know.

1. Google Sphere

If you are bored of the Google’s plain look, then you can try Google Sphere. Here, your searches and other things will start rotating and will form the look of the sphere. This is the best trick to use for searching the images.

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2. Google Zero Gravity and Inversion Mirror

Google Zero Gravity

This is the coolest trick by the Google, where you can feel that you are using Google from the other side of the screen. It will invert all the things including images also.

3. Google Zero Gravity Flat Fall

Here, you will see that Google falls down flat to the surface of your screen. However, you can use all the features of Google. But, it’s the most used tricks, but it shows the Google Zero Gravity innovation.

4. Google Underwater

Google Zero Gravity

As, you know there is zero gravity under water. You can project the Google search under water and can enjoy the view

5. Zeg Rush

Zeg Rush is the coolest trick of the Google Zero Gravity. You will see here that the zeros will start following in the search and will make the G shape of your screen. You have to enter Zeg Rush in the Google search and you can see the page filled with zero all over the screen.

6. Google Tilt

This is the another trick of the Google Zero Gravity. When you will type tilt on the search bar, then you will see the entire search result will be tilted.

7. Let me Google It for you

You can give the moment shock to your friends with this trick. What you should do that search something on the Google and it will form the short URL for you. Share it with your friends and they will see the usage of Google search on its own.

8. Google Rainbow

You will see the Google in Rainbow when you try this trick. Also, the entire page will be filled with various colors.

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9. Do A Barrel Roll

In this trick your screen will make a 360o turn. You have to type do a barrel roll on the Google search and then see the rest. Your screen will start rotating by forming a circle.

10. Winnie Google

This trick shows the entire Google search in the small resolution. This is the cool trick to give a shock to your friends that the page is getting zoom out automatically.