Hey Gamers,

Taking inspiration from the huge success and rave reviews of the endless running game ‘Temple Run’, the product developers have come up with a Version 2 of the game known as ‘Temple Run 2’ which needless to say has added new digits to the fan base. Hence, here in this article we are going to help our PC and Laptop users to get their hands on this uber cool piece of gaming totally cost free.

Features of Temple Run 2 for PC

‘Temple Run 2’ has got the basics imported totally from its earlier version i.e. the gamer would be a character who on stealing a precious gem is running for his life from the temple monster through scenes of jungles, railway tracks, roads etc. As the gamer keeps on running he needs to collect more and more coins and in the process is introduced to new levels of obstacles which has to be navigated with turns, leaps, jump, dash etc to continue playing the game. That being the basics, here are some added features that the new game has for is users:


  • The graphics of the new game gets definite thumbs up from us, which makes it all the more addictive. Further with the game play version being made faster, the hand-eye coordination becomes the key to master this game.
  • The game is made more interactive by adding new characters, besides various ultra cool moves have been introduced to help the gamers cross new hurdles.
  • This version also has the temple monster chasing the gamer indefinitely till he actually manages to make a meal of the latter.

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How to Download Temple Run on Windows Computer?

We are sure that the brief discussion above is enough for you to want to download this piece of gaming in your PC. Hence if you are a Windows User namely Windows 7, 8 or XP user, here is your guide to indefinite gaming:


  • The product developers for Temple Run 2 has not come up with an official version for the PC users, hence we would first have to download and install an Android Emulator called ‘Bluestack’ in our PC;
  • Once that is down, double click the Bluestack icon on the desktop, and from the first screen search for Temple Run 2 icon in the available list of apps or one could directly type in the keywords in the search field;
  • Once you find the Temple Run 2 icon, click on the download option to the extreme right and follow the wizard steps to effectively download and install the app. This step would normally depend on the working speed of your internet but should not take more than 10 mins;
  • Once the ‘Temple Run 2’ app has been successfully downloaded, go to ‘My apps’ option in the Blue stack Menu itself, and double click the app icon;

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Wrapping it Up

And voila! Welcome to the word of endless running, pretty similar to real life, we must add!

For Mac Users, no official version of the game has been launched and though various websites might offer softwares that claim to be compatible with Apple products, we would suggest safer preventive measures to combat virus or spam attacks.