Most of today’s generation take much pride in owning their very own iPhone. These iPhones are so much fun to use. They are fully loaded with many powerful features too. They are cool to own and stylish to handle and use. Bu this generation of smart phones have their own price to pay too. You get all the fun and can enjoy many kinds of applications in your pocket, but the price you pay for all the fun is the battery life. If you have even owned the iPhone or any smart phone for even a single day, you will know how hard it is to make the battery stand longer.

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tips for you to save iPhone battery life

If you are even only trying to know more Tips to Save iPhone Battery Life, then you need to get one thing clear. The cool things of iPhone extract the battery juice the most. So by turning some of them off, you will save battery juice, which is what most of the Tips to Save iPhone Battery Life below will lead you into. If you want your iPhone to be extensively cool and are determined to have all the fun with your iPhone, then you cannot probably get these tips working for you.

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tips for you to save iPhone battery life

Adjust the brightness

One basic ting every smart phone user can do to save battery is to turn of the full brightness feature. You can find an auto brightness feature in all generations of iOS. This option will detect the light around you. The sensor will automatically adjust the screen brightness making it easier for you see and also to save some valuable battery power. If you want to save even more, then you can try and set your screen brightness to the dimmest and the comfortable setting possible to save more battery life.

Stop motion

The icons of the iPhone have a very super cool vibrating effect. You can notice a background motion in the screen. As you move your phone, your background image and icons will also move on different planes according to the effect. This parallax effect is a real culprit for draining the battery. You can turn it off to save some of your battery life.

The dynamic background

This is another cool feature that has been recently introduced in iOS 7. With this effect turned on, your background wall paper will keep moving with effects even when on the icon screen. This motion looks really beautiful and your screen has a calm flowy effect. You can’t turn this feature off, but you can avoid setting wallpapers with dynamic effects. You can find lots of live wallpapers without this effect for sale or for free in the app store.

Turn Bluetooth off

Bluetooth is quite a feature which we usually leave tuned on. It is a very great battery killer of all types of apps. It may be very hard for you to turn it off if you are using devices like Bluetooth headsets for attending calls or listening to music. But, like said above, if you really need to save battery, then try and keep your Bluetooth switched off.