The game “Plant vs Zombie” would always be among the top lists of all the games, mostly admired by the hard core game freaks. This American tower defence game has been gaining its popularity from the very beginning  of the year 2009 when it was originally launched by Pop cap Games.  Since then the game has been relaucnhed with its sequel named Plant Vs. Zombies 2 in the year 2013 that has been quiet revolving around most of the game lovers’ favorite lists in the gaming world.

The game is a defensive game cleverly designed with a concept of using various plants as a source of both defensive and offensive means to either demolish the army of zombies or keep them away from entering the house and eating the brains. The game’s rising popularity has appalled its developers to  enhance its compatibility with many versions and platforms. The game has been readily made compatible with many platforms like Nintendo, Windows (7/8/Xp ), Xbox, IPad, Black berry, Android that has made it easily accessible for the game lovers without even worrying about the compatibility mode of their device.


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The Gaming Instructions:

The game is designed in a way where the player has the options to choose different types of plants and fungi that can be placed on the horizontal lanes in front of the house of residents that has to be protected from the zombies to enter into. Different types of plants and fungi have different types of features and characteristics that can be used either in a defensive manner or in an offensive manner against the Zombies. The gamer has a playing area depending on the special powers of the plants or fungi that may be only limited to 5-6 horizontal lanes. Each move or selection costs the gamer a sun that can be acquired without any cost.

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The game has different levels and modes depending on the progressive move of the gamer. It initially starts with a basic level of front yard and movers to the night time levels that has higher level of difficulty because of the scarcity of sun and the need for its replenishment. When the game reaches its final level the gamer is made to face with a giant robot, who is popularly named as Dr Zomboss in the game. Even during the free PC download of the game you can see all the instruction letters being warned by the Zombies.


The game also has different advanced modes that have to be unlocked by the gamer after the gamer clears the main adventure mode of the game that is one of the primary modes of the game. The other two modes are single player and multi player mode.

The game user friendly designs, modes and  entertaining music has been receiving number of appreciations in forms of quiet a good number of interactive achievement awards. As, the game is easily available for multiple number of platforms without the hassle of any compatibility mode, the game has not only received good feedbacks from the general gamers but also from hard core game critics.

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How to Download Plants vs. Zombies 2 on your Windows Computer?

  1. This game can be easily downloaded to you windows 7/8/Xp pc with the help of android emulator, “Bluestacks”. It is advised to check, and upgrade your computer system’s graphic card as lot of the users have complained about the slow response time while playing it.
  2. The process to download Plants vs Zombies 2 is crystal clear, Just go here and download it for your windows pc.
  3. Now install it just like ordinary software and restart your computer.
  4. Now, double click on the Bluestacks icon and search “Plants vs Zombies 2” and you’ll get the picture like this.


5. Just click on the install and you are ready to go.

Stay Tuned for next article about downloading android apps on your pc. 🙂