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We are back again with another tutorial to download android apps on your pc. This time we’ll be guiding you to download kakaotalk on your computer.

We understand that staying connected round the clock is one of the new trends in a social networkers life and the app market seems to follow the trend with a line of products namely Whatsapp, Line, WeChat to name a few. So, today we are going to discuss the features and download procedure of an entirely new instant messenger that has appeared on the tech block for quite some time now. Yes, we are talking about Kakaotalk, an absolutely free, easy-to-download, free instant messaging app that combines all the features of your high end networking apps with added features. It works perfect on your windows (7/8/Xp) computers. The developers of kakaotalk have done a great job with its UI and UX, it runs smoothly on windows 8, windows 7 and windows Xp.


Features of Kakaotalk:

This messaging app lets you connect globally with your fellow Kakaotalk buddies through unlimited chats, calls and text via a stable wifi or 3G data connection. The app is further packed with the most expressive range of smileys, privacy settings and amazing features that lets you share any kind of multimedia content i.e audio, video, documents etc, thus taking your chatting experience to a whole different level. In addition it also lets you add contacts based on specific app user ID and also allows you to export data which can be saved up for future use.

A brief sum up of the features would be:

  • Unlimited global networking with fellow friends absolutely free of cost;
  • Allows group chat of upto 5 members and share unlimited multimedia content;
  • The privacy and other remote settings lets you stay connected anonymously and both from your smart phone or computer based on specific needs;
  • The wide range of themes, smileys and calendar settings lets you stay connected without being bored;

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How to Download Kakaotalk on your Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Xp?

The best part about using this app, is that the Korean developers has launched an  official ‘Kakaotalk’ app that is compatible with Windows PC/ Desktop/ Laptop which basically makes for an easy and hassle free download and use.

For Direct Download, one has to do a simple Google Search for “KakaoTalk for PC”, and download the (.exe) file from an authentic website and run the same to start enjoying the benefits of the app.


Others, who want to download the app using Bluestacks can opt for the following method:

  • One has to download the Bluestacks app and install the same successfully on their PC/ Desktop.
  • After successful installation of this Android Emulator, one needs to click on the app icon on the desktop and from the next screen, type the name of the app i.e. KakaoTalk in the search field.
  • Once the icon for the desired app appears, one needs to click on the same icon and follow the wizard option that would appear on the screen, thus leading the user through a step by step downloading and installation procedure of the selected app.
  • Subsequently at the end of the installation process, the app icon would appear on the desktop. The user then needs to double click the app icon, and sign in to use the KakaoTalk App with a previously allotted User ID and password or open a new account as the case may be.

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Final Thoughts on Kakaotalk for Windows

Though a lot of similar apps are already available in the tech stores with almost same facilities, KakaoTalk gets a thumbs-up from us solely because of the exclusivity that its manufacturers have shown towards the Windows PC and laptop users by launching a specific version in that regard. The reason behind the success of kakaotalk is its fast response time, terrific features, and user interface. It is officially available for windows pc, so system responds absolutely fine without hanging or slowing down.

We hope this guide to download kakaotalk on your windows pc will be helpful in downloading this messaging app on your computer. Don’t forget to share this article on Google+, Twitter and Facebook.

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