Today I am going to share Internet Safety Tips For Kids and Teens. Internet connectivity has given us a beautiful experience of making our boring time exciting one. Although this technology is harmful if used carelessly, so being a kid or teenager you need to follow some important prospective to stay safe and enjoy the most striking net experience.

In recent phase internet usage has gone viral in its usage and this has resulted out in various crimes. Cyber criminals mostly steal the personal identity of the users to make use it for illegal practices, especially kids and teenagers have been the chief target of such criminals.

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Here are some Internet Safety Tips for Kids and Teens, who spend their maximum time in accessing websites

Safety Tips For Kids and Teens

  • Never dare to disclose out your personal information such as telephone number, permanent address, email ID, school name, and guardian’s personal details over internet. If any unknown source asks you to mention such information, better relate such information in knowledge of your parents
  • If possible better stay away from the persons whom you have contacted through internet source. If they ask you to meet at some source, simply avoid making such foolish contacts, as the persons may not be the same as they used to appear on internet source.
  • Keep your original name and date of birth confidential, as it may get used in some malicious purpose by unknown sources.
  • Do not denote your email or other accounts password to some other persons over the internet, if they ask from you.
  • Do add people whom you personally, avoid making a contact with unknown sources over the search engines.
  • Never disclose personal identity of your friends as it may lead them towards a situation of life threat.
  • Avoid meeting an individual through getting in touch with the source of social networking websites.
  • If possible avoid sharing your personal profile photograph with the unknown personnel. Strictly avoid sharing nude or semi nude pic, as this may get used and may go viral on different adult websites.
  • Maintain all possible settings related to privacy with your personal social networking account.
  • Never respond to any insulting messages over social networking websites, immediately consult your parents regarding such queries.
  • Talk to your parents, teachers regarding the activities that you need to adopt while exploring on websites.

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These were some essential internet safety tips for kids, for best experiences over the internet connectivity. Stay safe and have an amazing surfing experience.