iMovie for windows is most probably the highly searched keyword all over the internet as many people are in need of to get some great cuts for their videos. iMovie is the best video editing software that was made especially for iOS and Mac users, yet, one can download iMovie for windows and run it even in the Windows platform without getting any type of problem. This specific software helps the users to make their own movies and they can work on editing the audio of the movie. The user interface of iMovie is easy and it can make anyone to cut their videos according to their own wish. The main advantage of this editing software is that it can automatically upload your video to Facebook.

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The iMovie for Windows can be installed on any Windows operating system that ranges from Windows XP to Windows 8 the latest one. This is a good news as there were days were only the MAC users were capable of using this editing software. The iMovie for Windows has many pre-loaded presets that can be helpful while editing a video. The presets in iMovie for Windows are found in default and it can enhance the video in many ways. The audio editing function in iMovie has been enhanced in the recent days and one can even get the latest iMovie for Windows update after installing it on their personal computer.

Is iMovie for Windows PC?

iMovie for Windows

All you need is any type of Windows operating system installed on your personal computer. Although Apple has not officially made their iMovies to run in the Windows operating system, yet, iMovies for Windows can be downloaded and used. The Android Emulators help in installing iMovie for Windows on your personal computer. The Android simulator is used to install any type of Android or iOS applications and games to the personal computer so that one can make use of them even while working on their computer. Bluestacks is one among the most used Android simulator that can be downloaded from

This Android simulator can be helpful in installing iMovie for Windows operating system. One needs to follow the below mentioned steps to install Bluestacks on their personal computer.

  • Download Bluestacks here
  • After the download completes open it
  • In the home screen you can see the latest and the most wanted apps and games
  • Now click finish and then restart your device so that the installation is completed

Install iMovie on your personal computer

  • On the homescreen of Bluestacks, you will find a search box.
  • Type iMovie for Windows on the search box.
  • Hit the Enter button.
  • You will be getting the page to download iMovie for Windows.
  • It is a paid software, so you need to pay before downloading.
  • After paying, the download of iMovie for Windows will automatically start.
  • Double click on the file to install the editing software manually on your personal computer.
  • Click finish button once the application is installed.
  • Open the iMovie for Windows from the desktop icon and enjoy editing your videos.