iMessage for Windows can be installed by following some steps. Many people all around the world has been instantly using iMessage for Windows that has been installed on their personal computer. iMessage is the most used messenger that can be used to send messages for free to any other person who has iMessage installed on their Android devices. The small screen of the mobile devices makes it uneasy to use iMessage on it. This is where the need for installing iMessage for Windows arises, many people all around the world have successfully installed iMessage on their personal computer, and they are accessing it in a bigger and wider screen like never before.

iMessage for Windows

iMessage for Windows is the best messaging app that is created by Apple, the producer of iPhone and many other devices. One can send text messages, videos, picture and contacts to anyone for free. A good internet connection is all needed to send a text message to anyone for free. iMessage for Windows can be attained by following the below mentioned steps.

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  • Download and install the Remote Messages on your iPhone or Android device
  • If you are using an iPhone, then it must be jailbroker in order to move to the next step in installing iMessage for Windows
  • Jai breaking is very easy and anyone can do it on their own
  • After jail breaking your iPhone, install Remote Messages on your device
  • Open the Settings menu and then go to Remote Messages
  • Note down the Current IP that appears on the screen
  • Open any web browser on your computer
  • Enter the Current IP that appeared on your mobile device on the address bar of the browser
  • Hit enter after you type the IP address on the address bar
  • Now you are connected with iMessage for Windows on your personal computer
  • You are now ready to send messages from your personal computer

This is the best and most preferred way to install iMessage for Windows. As Windows is the most used operating system in many personal computer, this type of getting the IP address from the mobile device can help in connecting to iMessage easily without the need to follow any big setup method. Remote messages have a secret server that can never make your message go public at any time. It is very safe to install remote messages as it can help in installing iMessage for Windows in a few minutes of time. The total installation of iMessage for Windows takes only a very few minutes and it can be used on the go.

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Anyone can connect their iMessage for Windows in a few minutes of time by downloading the Remote messages. Jail breaking an iPhone can be easily done and there are many possible ways to achieve it. Before jail breaking your iPhone device, make sure you have a warranty for it, so that you can apply for a replacement if anything happens for your device in the near future.