The current generation has all gone depended on the latest technological advancement whether it’s related to Install Android on PC. If you do not own such technologies then you would certainly be considered as backward class. Especially smart phone categories are the most popular gadgets rolling over in market segment with different specifications and features to use.

Today Android OS have also gone popular among the PC users, but sometimes its tricky installation process enhances the work load on the users, even some of the personnel’s ignore its installation. However if you are still thinking of How to Install Android on PC?

Install Android on PC

 Here are some mentioned steps to follow for an easy installation of Android installation, have a look below:

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  • The first step of installation process requires you to download the latest version of Virtual Box and approach for its immediate installation process on your PC.
  •  Select the prospective website from where you wish to download the required version of Android; it’s necessary to download that version on your PC, rather than making its download to smart phone. If possible consider using the latest Android version KitKat or Jelly Bean, as they deliver out the best experience.
  • Extract the source file from your computer, which was downloaded earlier. This step is the most important step to follow as its proper installation decides how well you’re Android would response on your PC.
  • The extension you hold up would be further used for installation process of Android versions, just double click to proceed further and enjoy the superb experience of Android on your PC.
  • If you still find these above mentioned steps typical to apply with the downloading process then you may also go for         free video tutorials to have a better experiences related to installation process.

These easiest steps would always help you to have a best experience of the Android. Now you would never go out to say How to Install Android OS on PC? You cannot afford to miss out such brilliancy anymore simply enjoy it amazingly.

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Need of Android on computer today

Yes you may always say that; what’s the use of getting access to Android on windows PC? as it is easy to access from Smartphone. But the easiest answer to this thought is that most of games and apps fail to get launched on Android phone, while they run smoothly on windows PC and consume less storage. So it would be better to allow usage of Android on your windows PC and experience the best access to latest software’s and games. So have you installed Android on PC? Not yet, then it’s time to get close to such experience.