Today I going to share method How to Block Facebook on PC.Facebook is a great place. No one can deny that fact. It offers you lots of ways to connect with your fiends quickly. You can chat with anyone for free anytime. You can also use the latest messenger to reach them instantly. There are many exciting experiences for you to share your life events with the persons you love the most, wherever they may be. There are also features to help you upload videos easily. This ‘How to Block Facebook on PC’ is not quite for you if you are doing good with Facebook.

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How to Block Facebook on PC

With a single website called Facebook, you can connect with all your acquaintances and friends. You can keep in touch with them and get to know whatever is happening in their lives. In spite of all these very great advantages, Facebook can be a lot of trouble sometimes. Not all of us have the self control to set strict limits for Facebook usage times. Many contents of Facebook may be inappropriate for young kids and teens. The contents of Facebook can often be spasm. You may also wish to keep your kids out of the reach of the wrong persons. If you work as a freelancer or don’t have your boss near you at work, you have great chances of getting distracted by Facebook too. You might be wondering if it is possible and How to Block Facebook on PC. Here are some processes for you to follow. You can easily block Facebook with these.

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Block Facebook on your windows pc

How to Block Facebook on PC

To begin with, open My Computer. On the navigation bar on the top, type the following address: “C:/Windows/System32/drivers/etc”. You will get a folder called Hosts in there. Inside the hosts folder, you will find a document that can be opened with notepad or word pad. This document contains the set of instructions your computer needs to follow when many kinds of websites are accessed.

You are going to block Facebook here by tweaking these settings and make the computer block requests from To do this, find the line that has “”. Press enter near it and get into a new line. Type “” in the blank new line right below the “” line. Press enter and create a new line again. This time type in “” which blocks the website’s mobile page. This way, add some more lines for all the other forms of the Facebook website like the secure browsing sites. You can also make use of this procedure to block any other sites you would like to block.

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Just type in the names of all websites you never need to visit again, one by one, in a new line, preceded by the given numerical value. Save the document now and you will have effectively blocked off Facebook on your windows pc now.

With this easy tutorial, you will find your true time back again to spend physically with friends in the real world. This process is also completely reversible too, so will not have any problems when you decide to change your mind later.