Android is considered to be consisting of the largest database of applications. According to research made recently, Google Play store has much more number of applications surpassing the sum of the applications available on the Apple App Store and Windows Store. When you search for a specific app on Play store, you can find 10 other similar app, which does exactly the same job. The main reason behind this was the being the open Source mobile OS, and this let developers play around the codes, without having to buy it.

And as it is the leading mobile OS, having almost maximum number of applications, some of you might want to experience those applications or games, but without losing your pockets, no? Well, for the same purpose, brace yourself, as Bluestacks comes to your rescue. Yes, you can use Android applications on your Windows or Mac based PC, without getting any Android device.


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Bluestacks is an Android Application Player or specifically an Android Emulator. It allows installing and running any android app or game on your PC. It is available for Windows and Mac OS too.

The Interface

When opened for the first time, you will get an interface completely different from what you might be looking up for. The interface is very simple and includes no fancy scripts and graphics. The main screen consist of four buttons located at the top namely, My Apps, Top Charts, 1-Click Sync and App Search. Top charts consists the list of apps most downloaded by the users. My App shows up the list of apps installed onto your PC. 1-Click Sync gives you an option to synchronize the data from a cloud. Such synchronization can be used to get contacts and other useful data, if you have already stored on the cloud. And finally the App Search, which is the place you’ll be using quite often. It will let you search for the Android apps, which you want to run on PC.

Android Emulator for PC

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At the bottom of the screen you might also notice some icons. These are the dedicated icons for Full screen mode, Home Page, Back Key and settings. Settings contain all the information that you need to look upon along with the advanced configurations that you want to use. These settings consist of adding accounts, uninstalling apps, changing app size i.e. for a tablet or a phone, sync options and so on. However, you will need to configure these settings once in a millennium. While in the settings menu, you can observe a bit change in the interface, as a scroll bar will appear at the top which is exactly the same as that you might have already seen in Android.

Using this application is very simple, as it will let you install any app or game on to it. Installing an application using Bluestacks for PC is very simple. As you already know all the controls and options, just go to the main screen under search tab. Here you can enter the name of the app which you want to download on your PC. Once entered the name and searched, a list of all the related application will be presented before you. This will also require you to have a market app like Play Store or Amazon App Store installed onto Bluestacks. However, by default 1Mobile Market will be there to fulfill your search query.

Use it to download the app and straightaway, start getting great Android Applications and Android games on your PC and thanks us later!