Hey People,

In today’s time when most of us are in a compulsive relationship with our cell phones, one thing that totally knocks us off are unwanted calls and texts, because lets accept it, nobody has the free time to entertain telemarketers, spammers or worse creeps. Hence, today I am going to introduce you to a very unique and helpful app named ‘True Caller’ that helps you solve these problems  and also guide you on how to get this super cool app on your PC/ Laptop.

Features of TrueCaller

‘True Caller’ is your universal phone directory, which basically links every contacts available on your database and their respective contact list and thus all you have is an integrated network system that gets you the Name, Contact Number, Region as well as Network Operator information of any number (Cell Phone/ Landline) that you key into this app. Sounds Wonderful? Here are some added features:


  • The app needs a stable 3G or wifi speed to run on;
  • Once any unknown number flashes on the user screen, the app would automatically try to trace the key information related to the number (owner, operator service and even social media information) from its available database and thereby display the concise information on the calling screen ( all this within fraction of seconds);
  • The same information would also be available to the user on keying in specific numbers in the apps ‘Search Number’ option;
  • This app also lets you block specific numbers, and is even programmed to give you default messages alerting calls from any telemarketers or spamming agencies;
  • The app also updates the phone book of the User and by connecting the same with social media, gives a very jazzy appearance to the contact list by inserting profile pictures and other relevant information’s;

All in all it is your reliable caller id with a call blocking option.

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How to Download True Caller on Windows (7/8/Xp) PC or Computers?

Downloading ‘True Caller’ for Windows Users (7, 8 or XP) is totally a cake-walk and absolutely free. All that you need to do is start off by downloading and installing an Android Emulator called ‘BlueStack’, following the simple process similar to downloading and installing any regular programme or software and then follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Download BlueStacks first and double click the ‘Bluestack’ icon on the desktop and search for ‘True Caller’ in the search menu;
  • From the available list of options, choose a blue color icon that has ‘True’ written on it with a small ‘call’ icon and click on the download option that should ideally appear on the extreme right side of the instant app icon;
  • Once the downloading process starts do not enter any new commands, unless specifically directed by the wizard. The installation process would also be carried out automatically and the entire process should ideally take 5-7 mins;
  • Once the downloading and installation is over, simply open the bluestacks menu, go to ‘My Apps’ open, click on ‘True Caller’ and you are ready to use the app;

Please note that the app comes in two versions, paid and free, the only difference being that the paid version comes with no advertisements and a little more features.

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True Caller for MAC

For Mac Users, no official announcements for a ‘True Caller’ app version compatible with their operating system has been made, hence unfortunately for now it is only available on the iOS handsets.

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Final Thoughts

We hope this article solve all your curiosity about downloading the truecaller on your laptop or desktop. If you encounter any problem while downloading it on your pc, feel free to write your concerns in comment section, we’ll be happy to help you.