Are you tired of your photo-editing software that requires such a long time that you just forget and let your creative snaps go without your satisfaction? A picture reveals many things and it even sets different perceptions in the minds of different people. So, if you are looking for a more user friendly picture-editing application then, you can just opt for Snapseed, a wonderful application that helps you to edit images by just following the tip of your fingers.

The best part of this smart phone application is that now you can even get it to the bigger screen of your desktop or laptop both with Windows 7/8/Xp or Mac, and all that is free. The customization is so easy with all its attractive features that you can deliver your best personal touch to all your pictures before making it viral into public.


Features of SnapSeed

The application is all about its best user friendly features with all the attractive tools that can help you to sharpen your images for getting the best results:

  1. Forget about the adjustments, as with its attractive auto correct tool Snapseed does it all for you without any manual effort.
  2. Make you images more standard and artistic with Snapseed with the help of its special features that can filter the images with a touch of different effects like vintage, grunge, etc.
  3. Avail the numerous options of adjustable filters that can leave you with ample choices to help you customize your images in your own preferred style. Snapseed has 13 such filters that further again have subsets to land you with various choices.
  4. Ever faced a problem to reveal the background of an image?  Many times people just focus on the background that can add a deeper meaning to any image, but then it becomes obscure, hazy or blurry. With snap seed you can give your focus on such background images by magnifying it in the original image.
  5. To make your images go viral in the social networking sites, you should give your proper angle for the viewers. This can be easily done by adjusting and tuning the angles of the images with the help of Snapseed.
  6. The last but not the least for customizing your images is to give it an outline in the form of borders and frames that you all get with Snapseed.
  7. With Snapseed you no more require the burden to browse for another tab to open social networking sites like FB, Google+, etc. It has all the sharing options that just needs you click to let you images go viral in the social networking sites.

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How to download SnapSeed on your Computer?

So, get ready to explore the features of this wonderful application not just in your Smartphone but also in your PC by downloading its Pc version.

Please follow the instructions given below to download this application in your PC.

  1. Since snap seed is a smart phone application, your PC will need a platform or player to run this application. The best application player can be Bluestacks application player. So, download the Bluestacks application player for your PC.
  2. After you have finished downloading Bluestacks , you need to install and run the application player in your PC  and search for Snapseed.
  3. Now when you find the application, you can download and install it in your PC.

So, it’s all done and now you can enjoy the amazing features of Snapseed on your PC, and go viral with your creative touch in your images.

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