Among all those gamers who love the  genre “ Fighting”, when it comes to choose the various genres of games, the game “ The clash of Clans “ would certainly be an inevitable application to be present in their respective gaming devices. Apart from being one of the most popular Arcade game, the game has some excellent graphics features that can certainly give an enhanced gaming experience to all the gamers. Besides all it technical gaming features the game has also been inspired by a beautiful concept where the gamer has to defend the territory like a king saving his kingdom and also apply some wisdom to build a solid empire. The game gives many interesting experiences to the gamers where they even have to apply their creative mind exactly like a king to utilize the given resources to turn any abandoned village into a good empire. Unlike other common unrealistic features of different games, this game strictly follows the rules of physics more naturally giving the gamer more true and realistic gaming experience. The good news is, that now you can download this game on your windows 7/8/Xp and Mac Computers.


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The features of the games:

The game has some of the most desired features that every game lover hunts for while choosing various fighting games. Apart from being free game version for all the iOS and Android users, the game is also available for PC (Windows and MAC OS) users to play it online by getting connected to a virtualised online server.

The “multiple players” feature enables the players to play it online with different players being in the comfort zone of their respective personal computer. The game has the option to challenge your different friends and get connected to them through the game.

The innovative concept of the game that is one of the major reasons to opt for this game is that, you have the option to apply you creative mind to not only defend or attack the intruders, but also create a kingdom utilizing all the available resources.

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How to install the Clash of Clans on your Windows PC?

As the popularity of the game has still to make its way out officially for the PC users, the game can still be played on its online version that is connected with an online virtual server. So the gamer can now experience the gaming through bigger screen of PC by just connecting to the internet irrespective of different operating systems as the game can be played both in Mac and Windows without any hassle in the PC.

clash of clans for pc

As the application has its official version made only for smartphones and other devices excluding PC. You will need an emulator like Bluestacks installed on your PC before downloading the Android gaming application in the computer. The best emulator can be Bluestacks, so download here, and install Bluestacks for your computer before you download the game.

After the download of Bluestacks, you can locate the search option in the application and search for “Clash of Clans”. The process to install clash of clan of your desktop is just like other android games.

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Install Clash of Clan of Mac Computers

The Mac users can also install this exciting arcade game using the process given above. You just need to install Bluestacks on you Mac system and then do a little search of the search box, and click on the clash of clan icon. It’s damn easy but make sure that you have compatible version of Bluestacks and clash of clan.

We are eagerly waiting for your queries, comments and feedback. Do write us and let us know in case you face any problem in downloading clash of clans on your pc.