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Apple always known for its impeccable style and innovation forte, has this time launched a new app on the block namely “Facetime” which seems to have taken inspiration from the “Instagram” craze and combined it with video-calling, thus taking the buzz to a whole new level. Hence in this article, we are going to cover for you the exciting features of this new app and how to get this app free of cost on your PC/ Desktop/ Laptop.


Features of FaceTime for PC

Briefly put ‘Facetime’ essentially came up as a video-calling app that lets you connect seamlessly and free of cost with multiple apple users at a time with the aid of a stable wi-fi connection or a decent 3G/ 4G speed (thanks to the latest tech developments). Apart from the regular iphone, the app is available in almost all apple products of the new generation such as Macbook, ipad, iMac and Mac Mini to name a few. One just needs to open the contact list and adjacent to the respective contacts the facetime option would appear which basically enables you to make the video-call.


  • It packs the innovation and simplicity of Apple in the most convenient way for its users;
  • The primary camera is the one that the app uses to make the calls, needless to say, this makes the picture experience better; (Did we mention, that facetime ensures HD video quality?!)
  • It lets you connect with multiple users at a time and that too absolutely free;
  • One of the hitches for using Facetime is that the other user needs to have Facetime installed and enabled; Further a decent wifi/ 3G speed is indispensable to ensure good quality calls;

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 How to Download and Install FaceTime on Windows and Mac Computer?

The whole buzz around apple products is mainly based on its exclusivity. Needless to say “Facetime” is no exception and for now seems to be a cherished app only for Apple Users. Though the iphone 4 and its upgraded version as well as the new Apple products such as Mac Pro, Mac Air and Mac Mini has this app pre-loaded absolutely free of charge, an Apple user can also download the same from the official Apple website at a cost of $0.99.


For PC Users (Windows 7/ 8 and XP): Here is the sad part! Till now there has not been an official launch of the Facetime App that is compatible with other operating system apart from the one mentioned above. Though a number of websites promises to have developed a version of the app compatible for the Window Users, most of them appears to be extremely shady and it is highly recommended not to download any app from any such dubious links without proper anti-virus or malware protection system installed in your PC/ Laptops.

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FaceTime for Windows 7/8/Xp PC – It’s Available [Not Tested]

Good News – After the huge demand of FaceTime for windows pc, some websites are claiming to built this wonderful app for windows computer. Few of our readers have suggested this website after they have successfully installed FaceTime on their windows pc. This website (http://facetime-forpc.com) is in the news because of their self proclaim that they have successfully built FaceTime for windows.

Please Note – We are not responsible for any unwanted behavior of your computer after installing this app from the given website. Even though there is very less chance of any malformed but still users are advised to read the terms and conditions carefully before downloading it on your windows desktop or laptop.

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Download FaceTime on Mac pc for free

Facetime app comes default in Mac computers. But we have also heard some Mac users complaining that they didn’t get the free copy of Facetime for their Mac pc. The direct link to download Facetime for Mac is given here – Click here. You can easily download FaceTime on your Macbook and it just cost 0.99$ per year.

However, though Facetime might not be available for now, we do have some scintillating alternative options for the Window Users which as much does the same for free- such as Skype, Line, We Chat or even IMovicha among several others. And till then the hope continues for Apple to think about the greater good J