You might be using Skype on your Android system with ease. Skype is a widely popular application that lets you make video calls and send voice messages at free of cost to any other user with a Skype account. It is the best tool available for such purposes.

Skype was developed by Skype Technologies, which also released many popular versions of the same application. The interface available on Android Operating systems is very beautiful and is certainly interactive.


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The features it supports and the services it offers are quite convincing for you to download this wonderful application and start using it right away on your PC. All you need to have on your PC is a well functioning webcam and your job is done. You could talk to your friend who stays on the other corner of the world right away.


Skype is best known for its video calling option. The video quality depends minimally on your cam while the real quality is provided by Skype itself. It offers clear transmission of audio and video synchronization with minimal bugs. For slower internet connections, Skype displays a prompt message to turn off your video for better sound quality.

Skype also lets you send text messages to your contacts with a wide range of emotion icons to choose from. You have to send a request to your contacts first, after which they accept your request and then, you can start talking to them. Skype offers high quality of security and you could block unwanted requests right away.


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Skype works at top speed without any fault and the Android version is available which consumes very little space. Using Skype, you could also call your contact’s mobile phones, but you have to first make a payment for this option to function.

Skype for PC

Skype is an application available on every platform with a special version available for your PC. But, if you are completely used to the Android version and wish to run this on your PC, you will have to follow these simple steps.

The Android version of Skype certainly looks better on your PC screen! Here is a simple yet detailed description on how you could run the Android version of Skype successfully on your PC.

–       There exists an Android application emulator called ‘BlueStacks’, which lets you run Android applications on your PC. You have to download and install it, but if you are facing an error related to the version of OS you are currently using now, there are other emulators like DuOS and YouWave.

–       Open the Android emulator after installation, and search for Skype application using the search option. Among the results, you should be able to find Skype Android app.

–       Download and install Skype onto your Android PC emulator.

–       Open the application and start talking to your friends over Skype!

With the help of these simple steps you can download Skype for PC as well as run Skype successfully on your PC.