There are times when you want to watch a specific video or movie or TV show on your devices. The first thing you do is Google it. But it might not give you the perfect links that can play the video or might end up showing you result as ‘video is no longer available’. To avoid such problems there are many applications available in the play store that let you search and watch any video online.


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ShowBox is one such application which is filled with movies and various TV shows that you would love to watch. If at all you want to watch your favourite movie late night or you are on a journey, you don’t have to depend on the TV channels for that. ShowBox can directly get you the movies that you want to watch at any point of time. The application is available in English and Russian languages. Let’s see some more features of this application:

Features Of ShowBox:

ShowBox comes with unique feature of displaying the teaser of the movie before watching the original movie. This will give you a clear idea about the concept of the movie and the overall buzz. Besides that, you can also see the IMDB ratings that will help you judge whether the movie or the show is like by anyone or not. If at all the ratings are bad, you can skip watching it without wasting your time. This would most probably save lots of time and you can enjoy rest of your time in watching some other favourite movies and shows.

Easy Navigation:

Several options are given in the application to make the navigation easier. The main menu on the top includes shows, movies, my library, updates, etc. By this, you can easily switch to another section. Just an example, if you are watching a movie and found that it is not interesting, you can directly switch to the next option or to the shows section to try something new.

Additionally, this application also provides you with a link for live streaming and if you want to watch it later, you can download the video or show by using that link. And the most important point to note is, there is no charge for all the stuff that you browse, search and watch in the app, and yes, everything is absolutely for free! Now that you have understood the functioning and features of the Show Box application, it’s now time to unveil the simplest method to use this app on PC.

How To Use ShowBox On PC?

You might have used YouTube in your computer which gives tremendous options but ShowBox has even better options to simplify your video search. Here’s what you have to do:


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  • Download Bluestacks and install it on your PC.
  • Hit the search button and look for ShowBox.
  • Download and install the game, and launch it!

Three simple steps! And you are all done with the app installation on your PC. If you want to use a new app rather than going for the traditional one, ShowBox for PC is a perfect one to pick. Install it on your PC now!