Competitive shooting games are the new rage among gamers all over the world. These games usually depict 21st century soldiers, fighting the rebels in the war-ridden towns and cities, or even battle of the worlds among space marines and aliens, etc. Similar is the scenario with Plants vs Zombies. The game is a visual treat, and differentiates itself from its competitors through a unique storyline depicting the action in the dazzling and lighthearted universe.


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The GamePlay

To remain specific, we’ll be talking about the “Garden Warfare” version of Plants vs. Zombies. The Garden Warfare version facilitates solo mode, split screen mode, and team-based mode, among several other game-plays. Except for the solo and split screen modes, all the other modes require you to have a working Internet connection.
The game requires you to choose either of the sides, Plants or Zombies, and then fight towards the resolution of the four year long conflict, which is the primary cause of the war. The game features two basic modules on both the sides of the conflict. The plants have a round peashooter, whose main primary attack is to splash the enemy, and the sunflower, which heals the associates through its beam, thus allowing them to survive for longer in the war. The zombies, on the other hand, have engineers, who are capable of raining explosives through drones, on the enemy, and the all star, which shoots cannon, that does a lot of damage to the enemy.

To remain fair to both sides, the developers have empowered both plants and zombies, impartially. Similar to other games in this genre, in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, your sole focus shall not remain on killing the foes, but it also requires you to help and support your allies, with the best of your abilities, by using all the powers available at your disposal.

The game also has numerous unlockable accessories and powers, which are to be unlocked by earning the coins during the gameplay. The sticker pack, which has everything that you’d require in order to excel in the game, such as sunglasses, character alterations, etc., can then be used by redeeming these coins. The coins, as of now, can only be collected by actually playing the game, and not through real currency.


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How to Get Plants vs Zombies for PC

The game can be played on PC via the “BlueStacks” app. This software creates a virtual environment for the android apps to run as native ones. For these android applications, the environment seems to be that of any other android device, hence they run without any hassles.

Follow the following steps to enjoy have Plants vs Zombies for PC:

  • Download BlueStakcs Emulator on your system and Install it!
  • Open the BlueStacks software on your laptop or PC.
  • Type “Plants vs Zombies” in the search toolbar of the software for searching in 1Mobile or Amazon app store market.
  • From the list of files, download the appropriate one, from Google or Amazon app store.
  • Wait for the installation to finish.
  • Once you are done with the installation, launch the game!

And as you’ve got Plants vs Zombies for PC, experience this cool game on your bigger screen!