Opera Mini is the ultra light version of Opera browser, which is one of the most popular ones for desktops. The mini version of Opera primarily focuses on the users who remain cautious while using the bandwidth of their mobile carrier, and have limited hardware resources in the phone or tablet. The browser saves the bandwidth by using only about one-tenth as that of the actual data consumed by the traditional mobile browser.


Features Of Opera Mini

The navigation bar of Opera mini has Opera’s “O” imprinted on it, which gives it a clean and good look, apart from enhancing easier accessibility. The loading time for a website, in Opera mini is faster as compared to the rival Internet browsers. The user interface of the browser has been designed strategically in order to focus more on the content of the website, than the browser itself! However, initially you might find it uncomfortable to use, but after using it for a few hours, it’ll come to you as a breeze.

Just like its legacy of being the pioneer in the field of internet browsers, at a time when programming languages and thus Operating Systems for phones were still developing, Opera Mini still has several features that outsmart other browsers. The integrated email client serves the purpose of accessing emails without having to switch on to other dedicated apps. Similarly easing your tasks, the grouping of alike tabs in Opera Mini makes sure there is no cluster formation of various tabs. Apart from these, the “one click bookmarking” feature makes it easier for you to save Internet addresses for future references.

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The browser also features parental controls, for all those whose phone/tablet isn’t quite personal, and has free access to their kids. The control makes sure the kids don’t land up on inappropriate content on the web.

The security has also been beefed up in Opera Mini, which checks the website you are opening in the browser for miscellaneous fraudulent schemes, which may end up bankrupting your bank accounts! Just in case you don’t want your personal data of Internet browsing to be seen by anybody else who might also be the user of the same device, you can also delete the entire private log, containing history, cookies, etc.


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Adding to the customization, you can also uncheck the security checking that is done for all the websites opened in the browser, in case you believe that the website trustable. Although, doing so is not at all recommended.

The help docs which belong with Opera Mini are available online, and provide a great resource for all the queries that you might have in case you face any issues.

Opera Mini for PC

To enjoy the web at a swift pace, on your PC, without having to shell much of your bandwidth, you can have Opera Mini for PC. Follow the steps given below to get Opera Mini for PC:

  • Open BlueStacks.
  • Search for and download Opera Mini in the search box of the BlueStacks’ window.
  • Download the app, and have a smooth surfing experience!