How convenient it would become if you are allowed to learn and read your favourite course syllabus and novels with the means of electronic medium. Yes now reading and learning is possible just by sitting in front of computers also. Here we are talking about Nook for PC that is a brilliant app that allows you to access all different formats of books on your laptop, PC and tablets. Over 2.5 millions of books could be accessed including different PDF files, magazines, newspapers and journals just by sitting in front of your computer.

With such brilliant app you may highlight the brief points, add them to bookmarks, highlight them and also note down the important sessions conveniently. Nook for PC is compatible to different versions of operating systems such as windows 7, windows XP, windows vista, Mac, Linux and window 2003.

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Let’s get to know some brilliant features of this app related to PC:

  • Consists of over 2.5 millions of news journals and notes from different popular magazines and study courses of the world
  • As soon as you complete up with reading process this app automatically sync bookmarks, notes related to other devices
  • Library features could be easily organized with different shelves features and lets you to explore out favourite authors book of your choice.
  • Enabled with Wi Fi support to get quick internet access

This is a free version designed for accessing on PC and could be used conveniently without extra additional efforts. It is designed for user’s convenience and is easy for new as well as regular users. Barnes and Nobles offer number of free applications related to e reading that could also be used for reading patterns on different devices conveniently.

There are different web stores that allow the download NOOK for PC conveniently. As soon as you finish up with the downloading process simply install it in your computer for future access. As soon as you make a run of it for the first time you need to mention B&N account number of yours to make a login to it, however if you don’t own such type of account then click on the bottom panel to create a new account. As you enter the wizard after making a login to your account you may find different versions of books in my library section of this program section.

You may make a purchase of many books as possible in Barnes & Noble’s e book store segment. However in case of any hesitation you may get free samples to read and check its quality. The books could be read anytime anywhere once you have made acquisition of your favourite author’s edition through the help of option named Read Now.

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These versions of e books have created a new revolution and enthusiasm among the users learning and reading criteria. If you are the one ignoring such brilliancy simply get on to it now, as you may save your enough time and get a brief and immediate knowledge enrichment of yours simultaneously.