Microsoft Office is mostly used by everyone to accomplish their tasks swiftly. There are many Office versions available in the present market. The previous version you experienced using was Microsoft Office 2014 which promised a lot with its advanced features and was a huge success last year. But this time it’s going to be even better with Microsoft Office 2015 version. Yes! You heard that right! Microsoft has released the latest office version to work better with the new Windows 8 OS. The interfacing of Windows 8 with Office 2015 will give you amazing results. Now let us see what’s new in this Office version:


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Microsoft SharePoint:

Now this is something which you might have not seen in any versions before. There are times when you have to collaborate with your team members to share few important files to perform a team work. It is quite hard to share the files to each other without a proper platform. And that’s the reason why Microsoft has introduced SharePoint in its 2015 Office version. This newly added feature helps the team members to upload the files on a server so that every team member can view and download every single file. It will synchronize the team and the results will be always better for the team work.

More Added Features in Office 2015:

As compared to Office 2014, there are not many changes in this latest Office version. But the above feature, SharePoint stand poles apart in terms of innovating something new in the present version. Some extraordinary features added in the below given sections of Microsoft Office 2015 which will help you to accomplish your task swiftly:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Clip Organizer
  • Office InfoPath
  • Publisher
  • Groove
  • OneNote
  • Access

All these applications in the Office version are updated and have got a new interface to work with Windows OS versions. Some of the other features such as copy and paste with live preview, responsive picture viewer, editing videos and images to embed them in PowerPoint, etc, will give you best user experience. The improvised designs in the layout of Word, Excel and PowerPoint will leave you amazed!


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Rapid Processing Speed:

You might have observed the speed to open a PowerPoint presentation which at times contains highly graphical images and videos with more memory. In older versions, it might take 6-7 seconds to open the presentation. But the updated PowerPoint in Microsoft Office 2015 loads the presentation within fraction of seconds. Same is the case with other applications too. They don’t take much time to open and are pretty responsive. To make the software run effectively and give best results, your system must have the below given requirements:

  • Intel Pentium 4 processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • Graphic drivers
  • Resolution must be 1024 x 768
  • 4 GHz Frequency for better response

As it is a new version, some of you might find difficult to install or access it. No matter what kind of queries you have, you can always connect with us through the comment section given below.

If you go on exploring Microsoft Office 2015, there is still lot to know and if you want to know few more exciting features of this latest Office version right now, download it for free today!