Hay Day is a farming game wherein you get everything to do, what a farmer does for their entire life, but the difference being that you get a farming experience with comfort and some great gaming experience. You must be familiar with Farmville on Facebook? This is yet another big farming game where you will get an unmatched game-play at farming than any other game like this.


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Here you get different products and animals as you progress in this game. With more proceeding levels, there are even more things to own. And to add to the fun, you don’t have to restrict yourself from being able to play Hay Day only on a smartphone or tablet. With this, we bring to you an alternative way to get Hay Day for PC and to take Android experience to bigger screen.

Yes, you heard it right!Get-Hay-Day-on-pc

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Hay Day has a strong rating of 4.4 and is still going up the charts. It’s considered as the top game in as much as 37 countries with millions of download on android devices already.

How to Get Hay Day for PC?

Now, to play this game on your PC and enjoy living life as a virtual farmer, which seems so real, all that you need is the application called ‘Bluestacks’.

Follow the guide below to install it on your PC:

  1. Search for the application BlueSatcks on Google or if you are on lazy side, you can download it from here.
  2. Install it on your computer by following simple installation steps.
  3. Run BlueStacks, type Hay Day in the search tool bar, and hit install button to download and install the corresponding application from the list.

Voila! Now you are good to go with this great farming game. So start playing and enjoy the feeling of being a farmer with stunning graphics and great farming experience with Hay Day for PC.

Features of Hay Day

Hay Day has a very sleek interface and stunning graphics which gives an unparalleled experience, together with the perfect audio background which makes it a complete package for fun. This game is quite similar to Farmville, but offers lots and lots of extra features.

Here you can grow your own crops and feed your animals which includes goat, hen, cow, pig and many more. The player is provided with a harvesting land and users has to ensure that the land has greenery along with the animals being well fed within a few days of gameplay. Along with this, user is also offered with sharing of high scores and gifts with their friends, on Facebook.


With continuous progress in farming, you are awarded with a variety of gifts and power ups to help you make your land greener and to feed your animals well. You can also trade your crops and other goods produced in the farm with your friends and neighbours, making it all the way more fun. Users can aslo build their own towns and invite visitors.


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With all of these features, the smooth and simple controls make it easier to play.


So, start building your farm and in case you face any technical issues in getting Hay Day for PC, drop your comments below!