GTA Vice city is an adventure game which was developed by Rockstar North and first published by Rockstar Games. GTA Vice city is a game played from a third person perspective and showcases dozen of characters. Most of them appear in different scenes which are helpful to complete various missions on the way!

GTA-Vice-CityWhat’s In The Game?

It’s an open ended game with number of challenging missions. The game is all about earning money, gaining powers, saving lives, weapons, vehicles, packages, etc. During the game, the player can snatch vehicles (motorcycles, helicopters cars, boats, etc) to complete the missions. Breaking the traffic rules, hitting someone on the way, stealing money, firing on someone, etc. can increase the star levels displayed on the right corner of your screen. This indicates you need to be careful with the police that are chasing you. No matter how many weapons you have, if you are caught by the police, you will be busted out and you have to start the level again. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the music beats from different radio stations present in different parts of the city. Now let us see what all you can do in this game:

Drive Your Destiny to Complete Missions

Reach your destiny by following the map and indications shown over there. In GTA Vice city game, every area has number of missions, hidden weapons, Armor and packages are scattered throughout the landscapes. The missions must be completed to finish the storyline and to unlock the new paths. By this, you will be able to drive around and you can visit different parts of the city.

Make Some Business Deals and Earn Money

In GTA Vice city game, there are numerous businesses which are known as assets. These assets include dance club, a taxi company, ice-cream delivery business, strip club, a film studio, a printing works, a car show room, a boatyard etc. Each among these properties includes number of missions like race competition, stealing equipment etc. Once all the missions of a particular property are completed, you will be able to make some cash in your account.


Buy Properties on the Way

With the amount you earn by making the business deals, you will be now able to buy different kinds of properties that are spread all over the city. Once you buy the property, the space is all yours. At this point of time, you can save your game with your current level and quit at any point of time and start it whenever needed.

Cheat Codes to Complete Missions Swiftly

In addition, the GTA Vice city game is also provided with cheat codes. You can achieve anything like weapons, vehicle, Armor, life, cash, etc. by applying cheat codes while the runtime of the game. Even you can clear the star levels of police indicating danger. These cheat codes can be pretty helpful in your hard times, but the thing is you need to apply the right code at the right time.

Save and Continue the Game At Any Mode

You can continue your game from that particular level whenever you start to play the fresh game instead of playing from the beginning and wasting time. This can be done by choosing “load the game” option and then clicking the saved game in it.

So, download GTA Vice City for free and start hopping around the city!