When it comes to experiencing the real graphics in any game, you will find GTA 5 game for windows at the top of the list. Millions of downloads and a unique storyline in the game makes it one of the best games in the world of gaming. With immense graphics and features like 3D gaming, you are sure to be bowled over when you play the game. As a game lover, you would like to experience some 3D gaming and here is what all you can get in this game, thanks to them to keep on releasing the latest versions of GTA games, and yet again, this sequel is no less than thrilling experience.


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Special Characters In The Game

You can find bounteous special characters in the game besides a street cat Franklin and an ex-convict Michael. The street cat always tries to explore new opportunities and the missions to accomplish in the city. On the other side an ex-convict, Michael, who was about to retire from the criminal world couldn’t stay away from involving himself in the crime. You can also find some special characters besides these two personalities. The game is available for both, a single player and also multi-player through online support. Get ready to indulge yourself in different characters in the game.

New murder mystery in GTA 5

The new added feature in the game is the murder mystery. So get ready for the latest version of the game and solve the mysterious murder case to increase your scores. In result, you will be able to buy more weapons and clear every mission given to you by ease. The kind of graphics and 3D enabled gaming will leave you amazed. You can’t get a better option than this if you want to experience the real action gaming.

Los Santos’s Hills, Beaches and Countryside

This time it’s all new Los Santos with new and good-looking beaches, mega hills, huge countryside and many more to experience. With numerous locations in the city and numerous missions to complete, you will surely enjoy the cozy atmosphere. GTA 5 for windows come with some unbelievable graphics which will leave you flabbergasted. In fact, you can enjoy the game as if you are playing 4K gaming on the bigger screens.

Basic System Requirements

As it is a high-end graphic game, your old-fashioned PC’s might not support the game. The kind of graphics and 3D enabled gaming will leave you amazed. You can’t get a better game than this if you want to experience the real action gaming. Ranked in the top list, downloaded by millions of people, you must always be ready with the requirements given below if you want to play this game with no hassles:

  • Processor above 2.2 GHz
  • RAM above 2GB
  • Hard disk space minimum 3 GB
  • DirectX sound card
  • Graphic card 1 GB
  • Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1

Make sure that you have these software and hardware requirements on your PC or Laptop before you install this game. If you are ready with the basic requirements to install this game, no more waiting then … Install GTA 5 for windows and start conquering the streets!