Are you bored of using messengers on smaller screens? Are you looking to change the way you use them on the small sized screens? Here is the perfect solution to guide you all the way to use the top rated Facebook messenger on PC. Not only this, you can now download every messenger, app or game on PC by following the simple procedure explained in this blog. But before that, let us show some interesting facts and alluring features of Facebook messenger.Facebook-messenger-on-windows

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Facts of Facebook Messenger

As we are well aware of the fact that Facebook has made its mark in the market since its release in 2004 in the United States. Later in the year 2005 it was released worldwide by Mark Zuckerberg and the response from the social networking lovers was unbelievable. The revenue in 2013 was $7.87 billion and by this you can imagine the craze of this social network site in the market. Well the messenger was released later but it got even more response from the previous release.


As most of you use this networking site to connect with your friends, you might know the basic features of Facebook messenger. But do you know how this messenger is different from the site? The main difference is you need not to important any contacts to send messages to your loved ones. By installing the messenger on your devices, you can send messages directly to the unknown numbers without adding them in your Facebook friend list. Isn’t it amazing? That is the reason why Facebook messenger is used by most of the people in today’s world.


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Now by using it on the smaller screens you might be bored of using it quite often on your smartphones. What if you are asked to complete your important work on PC and meanwhile stay connected to your friends? Your answer will be either you may work on PC or chat with the friends. Isn’t it? But now you can download Facebook messenger for PC with the help of BlueStacks emulator and complete all your tasks at a glance. BlueStacks is software that is capable of installing all the Android apps on your PC. You might be thinking that is it possible to use Android apps on PC?

Yes, of course it is possible.

How To Get Facebook Messenger For PC?

Follow the simple procedure to install and use the top rated messenger on your PC. Here you go:

  • Download the software “BlueStacks” on your PC and install it.
  • After installing it on your PC, search for the Facebook Messenger in the play store which is installed in the software.
  • Download the messenger and install it on your PC
  • Open the BlueStacks and click on the icon of messenger and start using it.


Isn’t it pretty simple? You can’t get a simpler procedure than this. So, if you were looking to get Facebook Messenger for PC, what are you waiting for?