Dr. Driving is an easy to use, fun game which can be easily downloaded onto your PC, Android device, and tablet! As the name suggests, it’s basically a car racing game made especially for your enjoyment! Also, it’s the game to have on your electronic device if you do not happen to possess a high-end device. But we are not here to discuss other devices; we are here to help you download this application on your Personal Computer.


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This game actually is a well optimized application for all kinds of smart phones and tablets which run on older version of Android OS, and also, it does not require a high CPU resonance or for that matter, any big internal storage or RAM (Random Access Memory).

So, all the hassles that are attached to such Android applications and games do not have any place ‘here.’  And, this very feature allows its users to play this game on any of their Android devices and all these combined factors have only helped Dr. Driving’s popularity to grow from strength to strength.

Another thing that has allowed for its wide reach to grow is the facts that this app allows free accesses to its users’ Facebook profiles, which of course helps them to share their scrores with their counterparts or friends and even compete with them using the very same feature!


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So, it’s playable over facebook with friends and everybody knows where you stand in the battlefield which moreover makes this game highly addictive, as you always want to beat your friends to the finish line and end up first in the race.

Perhaps the coolest thing about this game is that you can choose any vehicle you want and head straight to the starting line for your race. You can even choose to drive a bus in the city! Just imagine! How often do you get to do that in your real life? And, no traffic issues whatsoever, so you are good to go. Just a couple of reasons more to download this one app; and the bottom line is this; it’s as simple as it gets and comes with no serious pre-requisites.

Interesting, no?

Dr Driving for PC

Now, we get to the technical, ‘how to’ part of this procedure. What you first need to do is to download the BlueStacks for your PC first, after that is done with, you have to install the application on your PC.


After you have installed the said software, use its search tool to find Dr Driving for PC. Once you have found the game, repeat the download and install process the same way you first did with the aforementioned software. That’s all you need to do to get Dr. Driving!


Quite easy, isn’t it? And, the best part is that the entire process hardly takes that much time.