Call of Duty Ghosts was released back in 2013 and was downloaded by millions of game lovers and it is still counting. With immense graphics and playing the game in a virtual reality world, this game gives you the best gaming experience visualized like never before. The name ghosts might seem to be just like haunted situation but it’s actually much different with great storyline. It’s a US military force, which is responsible for completing different missions and you have to get into the force to handle all the missions. The kind of job that you get in the game is going to be pretty exciting. Once you indulge yourself in the game, you will never stop playing it.


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So, what’s the new additional segment that gives this particular release of popular COD sequel an up vote? Though there are many new modes which keeps the player all engaged, but, some special task keeps up the thrilling experience level up.

Hijacking Of Space Station

In this game, you will be a part of the ghost’s force that have to save the space stations which have been hijacked. Due to the presence of a special weapon in the space station, which can destroy the major cities within no time, you have to rescue many people from the space station at the earliest. The storyline goes way back when many astronauts sacrificed their lives in order to save the people lives that were present in the space station and now the dedicated team, which will be led by you will initiate the mission for the same.

As you go on playing the game, the missions and the level of gaming will become difficult. You have to pass through different environments, which are poles apart to clear different missions in the game. Call of Duty Ghosts for Windows has the most explosive weapons for you and they are crafted with the latest technologies. As the game is set in 2017, you are sure to experience the 3D gaming features during the action.

Four Modes Of The GamePlay

This game has four modes of game play namely multiplayer, competitive, campaign and squads. Every mode has their own rules and different set of missions to complete. The most exciting part is multiplayer where you get multi-screen to experience. Playing in the multi-screen gives you an amazing experience and also gives you a chance to enhance your skills by competing with different players in the space. Squad mode has similar kind of storyline but the difference is you have to compete with the players online.


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With these many exciting game plays and storylines, you cannot stop yourself to play this game. Isn’t it? But before you install this game, have a look at the system requirements given below:

Minimum System Requirements

  • Operating system – Windows 7,8 or 8.1
  • RAM – 4GB
  • HDD space – 6GB
  • DirectX Sound Card
  • Intel Core 2 Duo with 2.6 GHz frequency
  • Internet connection for activation of multiplayer mode

Now if your system meets the minimum requirements, click the download button given below to get Call of Duty Ghosts on your PC!