With a smartphone in our hand we are always charged up to try something new and unique, whether it is of any application having a new and advanced technology or it is of a game which takes you up from a boring day. All thanks to the developers of these application and games. Though smartphones is one of the latest and most used technology in the world, still there are people who want something new to try out. Thus here it is. Most of you definitely know about the technique of using smartphone applications on Macintosh which is possible by an emulator application. Various emulator applications are available for users but all of us want the best one. Bluestacks is that best fitted emulator application for using smartphone application on Mac. Let’s know more about it.


Bluestacks – An Android Emulator

Having a smartphone is not a big task as we all know that they are available very easily. But the issue is with the limited memory in which it is hard to have all loved application and games. Thus here comes the use of Bluestacks as it allows us to use those applications on our Mac and believe me you won’t cry for memory there. Bluestacks emulator or app player works as a cross vendor for these application. Having this useful app player installed on our Mac we can enjoy using each and every application as well as games there without any fatigue. Using Bluestacks is just as simple as using a smartphone. The reason is its function is too identical like a smartphone so that if the user is a newbie it not difficult for him to understand its operation.

Guide for Installing Bluestacks on Mac

Bluestacks is one of the most popular Android emulator, which allows us to use our smartphone application on Mac. Not going round and round we directly come to the procedure by which you can use this emulator on Mac. Below are some simple steps, following them you can easily get how it happens.


  1. You have to first download Bluestacks setup for your Mac. Two best possible ways in which you can do it. First one is the official Bluestacks website from or let’s cut the chase, as you can directly install it from the link given below!
  2. Now you have Bluestacks setup file, double click on it to start the installation. As you own one of the most updated PC of the world i.e. Macintosh you can perform this installation directly. Yes by dropping this setup file in the application folder. But many of you will prefer the first one.
  3. Moving on you must have patience as this installation take its time may be 4-5 minutes. Finally, Bluestacks emulator is installed on your Mac.

You will get some of the application pre-installed in it and can try them. But if you want to add more just download it from the Playstore which is available in the emulator itself. You can also share application’s APK file with your Mac and access it with Bluestacks.