Today I am showing you how to install Android Emulator for PC. The revolution in electronic industry has simply gone up to high standards with the entry of Androids in market. It has resulted out in entry of various Android emulators that help in integrating the applications designed for android to work smoothly on PC. Through such apps you may now download almost any category of file version, compatible to your operating system in a less duration of time. Android Emulator for PC is also known as a virtual mobile device used to test and create new applications on your computer without an addition of any physical device.

The emulators were previously used by the developers only but its recent popularity has made its access by every computer user today. Some of the popular emulator’s version that you continue with are as following: Blue stacks, you wave, Geny motion, Native Emulator, Android SDK, Windroy, Firefox OS Simulator, Windows Android and Jar of beans. Emulators are also known to be a mimicry of smart phones just the difference between these two platforms are that these emulators cannot be used for making phone calls.

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It has variety of navigation keys to use for users convenience such as Home, start, back, menu option, power button, search option, camera button, audio control key, hang-up call, onion alpha increase and decrease, toggle profiling, full screen mode and trackball mode. Through configuring your AVDs you may configure the particular android version you are using and also customize the skin of system and its mapping of keys.

Android Emulator for PC
Some customized features of Android Emulator for PC includes following criteria’s such as:

  • Decent connectivity to get quick access to WI FI connectivity
  • GPS function to trace the exact location of your choice
  • Option of making and input of virtual SD card
  • Can easily work under high resolution of 1280*768 graphics
  • Intel based hardware’s could be easily accessed through it
  • Inbuilt native emulator for brilliant android experience on computer or laptops
  • Inbuilt Google play apps for perfect performance and compatibility

Emulator’s acceleration for windows requires the users to have an Intel hardware (Intel HAXM) version in their PC. You need to have an Intel CPU with the compatibility of some selected operating systems such as windows 7, Linux, MAC, windows XP and Windows vista.

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Android Emulator for PC

The only point to note here is that this emulator version is not configured with the support of Bluetooth devices and it does not shows the charging level of laptops, SD card cannot be inserted in it and no support with USB devices connectivity. To get access to emulators experience you need to make its download, the preferred version from various stores online. Simply make a search, download and install, to make it usable for future use.

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This Android Emulator for PC revolution would certainly make your user experience brilliant on computer with a convenient access to most popular android applications always. So why miss out such opportunity simply go for these emulators now and get all time PC experience of android amazingly.